About the LRIS Portal


The Land Resource Information Systems Portal and scinfo.org.nz

The LRIS portal is the first element of scinfo.org.nz, a new repository of authoritative New Zealand science datasets and information. It is has been created in response to a growing expectation that government and publicly funded science data should be readily available in authoritative human and machine readable forms.

scinfo.org.nz Content Priorities:

If you are looking for data you expected to find here and didn’t, please contact us at lris_support@landcareresearch.co.nz.

scinfo.org.nz Capability Roadmap:

If you are interested in discussing hosting your data on scifo.org.nz, please contact us at lris_support@landcareresearch.co.nz.

scinfo.org.nz Who's Who:

scinfo.org.nz is hosted by the Informatics Team at Landcare Research. We are a team of 30 data researchers, software developers and system engineers with deep experience in managing specialist science data resources and using them for our research and to support natural resource policy and management. We have particular specialist knowledge of geospatial datasets, satellite image analysis, taxonomic data, laboratory data and web-services.

scinfo.org.nz Acknowledgements:

We have worked closely with Koordinates to create the first release of scinfo.org.nz which has allowed us to bring this initial service to market rapidly.