Mean October Soil Temperature (South Island)

16 Jun 2013

This dataset was first added to LRIS Portal on 16 Jun 2013.

Soil temperature surfaces for the South Island of New Zealand are based on analysis of a combination of monthly mean soil temperature data from the NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) 3 years data from 175 mini-data-loggers (1997-2000) laid out in a stratified sampling scheme at 7 climatically representative locations in the South Island. At each location a cluster of about 25 data loggers sampled a range of elevations between 100 and 1800 m. At each elevation grouping the 4 primary aspects (N, S, E, W) and a flat site were sampled at a depth of 30cm. Multiple regression used site characteritics of latitude, Distance from coast, elevation, aspect, slope and forest/non-forest cover to predict topographic effects on soil temperatures.

Technical Details
Layer ID 48345
Data type Grid
Resolution 25.000m
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Added 16 Jun 2013
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Current revision Imported on June 16, 2013 from Binary Grid in NZGD49 / New Zealand Map Grid.


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