New Zealand's potential forest composition was predicted from regressions relating the distributions of major canopy tree species to environment. Environmental variables, chosen for their correspondence to major tree physiological processes, included annual and seasonal temperature and solar radiation, soil and atmospheric water deficit, soil leaching, slope, and soil parent material and drainage. Environmental values were estimaged both for a large set of irregularly distributed plots describing forest composition, and points on a 1-km grid across New Zealand. Regressions were fitted to the ploy data species by species, with those for the four Nothofagus species also including terms to correct for the effects of their geographic disjunctions. Predictions of species abundance were then made for the grid data set, and the resulting matrix was classified to derive groups of similar composition. This data is expected to provide a context for both the assessment of the biodiversity value of surviving forest remnants and for the subsequent management and/or restoration of these sites.

Layer ID 48279
Data type Grid
Resolution 100.000m
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EcoSat Woody North Island

09 Jan 2011

This dataset was first added to LRIS Portal on 09 Jan 2011.

EcoSat woody is a basic landcover map of New Zealand from Landsat TM imagery at 15m resolution. Classes include water, bare ground, woody cover, herbaceous cover, and snow.

Reference: John R. Dymond, James D. Shepherd, The spatial distribution of indigenous forest and its composition in the Wellington region, New Zealand, from ETM+ satellite imagery, Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 90, Issue 1, 15 March 2004, Pages 116-125, ISSN 0034-4257, DOI.

Landsat TM imagery is courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey .

Layer ID 48183
Data type Grid
Resolution 15.000m
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NZLRI Vegetation

07 May 2010

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The NZLRI is a spatial database containing about 100,000 polygons (map units), each of which describes a parcel of land in terms of five characteristics or attributes (rock, soil, slope, erosion, vegetation). This layer represents a GIS dissolve on the vegetation attributes of the NZLRI.

Layer ID 48055
Data type Vector polygon
Feature count 74854
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