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TEC2012 2002 LENZ LookupTable


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25 Mar 2015

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Threatened Environment Classification look up table. Join this table with the TEC/LENZ grid using grid value and the LENZlvl4_no numeric code in the look up table to achieve correct relational join.

This table shows for each of the 500 LENZ level IV environments (identified by name and number) the percent of land area with indigenous cover remaining in 2002, 2008 and 2012 (labelled Nat02Pct, Nat08Pct, Nat12Pct; using satellite imagery of the corresponding timestamps as classified in LCDB4), and the percent of land area protected for natural heritage protection in 2004 and 2012 (labelled Prot02Pct.1c, Prot12Pct). It also provides the Threatened Environment Classification categories for 2002 (TEC02.Class, classified using the Nat02Pct and Prot02Pct.1c values provided), and the Threatened Environment Classification 2012 categories (TEC12.Class, classified using the Nat12Pct and Prot12Pct values provided).


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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